SmartSpeaker Corp. Understands Audio

As the authority on digital audio engineering, SmartSpeaker Corporation pioneered the development of intelligent, adaptive technologies for audio systems. Our expertise and experience helps us to provide cost effective solutions for a wide variety of audio problems, with special emphasis on providing dramatic improvements in audibility and intelligibility of the audio signal.

Our most important technical breakthrough - the Audiostat Story.

The founding partners of SmartSpeaker Corp. perceived an opportunity to provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of reduced intelligibility of audio signals due to ambient or background noise. Today's audio systems are static, they require manual control to raise or lower the volume in response to fluctuating levels of ambient noise. Our goal was to find a way to perform this function automatically - like a thermostat automatically controls the heating and cooling in a building.

This was ground-breaking work indeed. Some of the most prominent names in audio engineering had tried and failed to produce a truly effective solution.

After extensive research and development, SmartSpeaker Corp. achieved the breakthrough in performance and price that it was looking for and Audiostat - the audio thermostat was born (patents pending). Using our expertise in audio, digital signal processing (DSP) and software engineering, we essentially built a mathematical model of the human ear / brain system, a psychoacoustic algorithm, resident in our microprocessor (DSS 1100). It hears like we do and does what we would do to compensate for fluctuating levels of background noise - it turns the volume up and down - except it does it continuously - with thousands of tiny adjustments every second.

We designed a range of products around our chip (the DSS MC11 range) targeted at several specific markets and launched them in 1994, with new products being introduced in subsequent years. In response to clients' specific needs, we also produce custom solutions. This OEM capability is increasingly in demand. Our microprocessor can be embedded in any piece of audio equipment : PA amplifier, multimedia kiosk, car stereo, home entertainment, TV, cellphone and with Audiostat inside, the device moves from a static system that requires manual volume control, to a dynamic system that controls itself - ensuring that what the user hears is always intelligible and never too loud. Effectively, the manual volume control is now obsolete. 

Audiostat is a proven technology whose time has come. A growing number of clients worldwide, in a wide variety of applications, are successfully using SmartSpeaker Corp. products.

Our vision is that Audiostat - the audio thermostat, will be a standard component in every audio product.