SmartSpeaker Audiostat
Today, more than ever, ambient or environmental noise is getting in the way of effective communications.

When the noise of normal, everyday living drowns-out what you are trying to listen to or say on your public address (PA) system, it's costing you money.

Your customers can't respond, there's confusion, disappointment and mistakes are made. The result is frustration and lost business. In an emergency it could be dangerous!

The Practical Solution:
SmartSpeaker Audiostat is the best, most cost-effective way of ensuring that your PA communications can always be heard clearly, without ever being too loud. With an Audiostat installation in your facilities, you can guarantee the audibility and intelligibility of your PA broadcasts and they'll never be too loud. Audiostat transforms today's passive audio systems that cannot guarantee signal audibility let alone intelligibility, into tomorrow's active audio systems that compensate seamlessly for large fluctuations in ambient noise.

With Audiostat, your customers will prefer your retail (shopping) experience and they'll be back. However, if your PA system doesn't cut through the noise or is just too loud, you'll drive them away and you lose!

Where can you use Audiostat?
Wherever there is an intelligibility problem. Audiostat is particularly relevant to audio / PA systems in locations where there are high, fluctuating levels of environmental noise associated with large congregations of people. For example : retail stores, shopping malls, air, train, and bus terminals, hospitals, conference centres, churches (houses of worship), sports facilities and factories.

All require complex recalibration if the audio conditions are changed in any way, such as a big display of merchandise, a crowded store, the failure of a loudspeaker

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Where can you
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