SmartSpeaker Audiostat

What makes Audiostat™ unique?
Audiostat - the audio thermostat
- is based on breakthrough digital signal processing technology which employs a sophisticated psychoacoustic model of the human ear-brain system. This adjusts signal levels from the PA system in response to environmental noise, automatically, seamlessly and in real time.

The result: PA signals such as music and voice messages that are always audible, intelligible, clear and never too loud.

Using the ear-brain model, Audiostat responds to ambient noise variations seamlessly, without sudden, annoying increases or decreases in volume level. Most of the time, your target audience will be completely unaware of the continuous, automatic adjustments being made. The result is a system that always delivers crystal clear sound at an optimum level to maximise intelligibility and audibility.

Other ambient noise compensation systems are significantly more expensive, more bulky, difficult to install and technically much less sophisticated :

  • They only monitor environmental noise and depending on the level, adjust the PA signal volume level accordingly.
  • Some require the PA signal to shut down intermittently while the ambient noise is measured.
  • All require complex recalibration if the audio conditions are changed in any way - such as the sensing microphone being relocated, or even the introduction of a display of merchandise.
  • None lend themselves to embedded applications.

Until now, ambient noise compensation was not a practical consideration for anything other than the most specialised locations, where cost was not a key consideration and where expert technical help was available for installation and to make ongoing adjustments.

Audiostat, from SmartSpeaker Corp. is the breakthrough that has changed the status quo.

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