American Disability Act (ADA) and Audiostat

ADA requires all mass transit operators in the USA to provide communication systems that address riders with disabilities, specifically those riders suffering from a loss of sight or hearing. Taken together these disabilities can be addressed with an audio communication system and as a result many mass transit operators in the USA are required to provide such systems on their vehicles and stations.

The provision of a standard public address (PA) system is only part of the answer. The fact remains that even to riders with perfect sight and perfect hearing, public messages are frequently unintelligible, because of ambient or background noise.

The mass transit environment is dynamic - it is always changing as vehicles / trains and passengers come and go. The ambient noise created is considerable and continually changing too. Most PA systems are static - you set the volume and leave it. This means that much of the time, the PA messages will either be too loud or not loud enough. Ongoing manual volume adjustment is not an option, so the standard PA system will only go part way to meeting ADA requirements.

There is a cost-effective solution. Audiostat - the audio thermostat. With Audiostat built-in to your PA system, your PA messages will always be intelligible, never too loud, automatically, seamlessly and in real time.

If you have already installed your PA system, don't worry, retrofitting with a stand-alone Audiostat unit is easy.

With Audiostat onboard you can rest easy that your PA system is as good as it can be for your sight and hearing impaired riders, in fact all your riders will enjoy a new level of audio clarity, not to mention safety.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We have extensive OEM capabilities and may be able to provide you with an elegant, inexpensive custom solution to help you meet ADA requirements.

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