Mass Transit Authorities clearly understand the problem of adjusting audio signals in response to ambient (or background) noise.

To them, this is not a problem of esthetics. Essential information such as changes in arrivals, departures, safety announcements, etc. are often best communicated via a loudspeaker.

The intelligibility and audibility of the message being communicated is therefore crucial. Audiostat is the right technology for this task.

Examples of SmartSpeaker's expertise in the Mass Transit Market:

  • SmartSpeaker has both audio engineering & management expertise to make Audiostat fit seamlessly into any engineering firm's design of the overall communication solution of a transit system.

  • Audiostat has built in flexibility allowing it to deal with: different types of trains & buses; different sizes of stations; and with very high variation in levels and types of ambient noise with no need for re-calibration after installation.

  • Audiostat will automatically adjust the audio signal intelligently, to enhance intelligibility and audibility. SmartSpeaker will build durable components capable of handling high vibrations levels in trains and other moving vehicles.

  • SmartSpeaker will design components which will enhance the ease with which general maintenance can take place.

Examples of SmartSpeaker's work in this market:

  • The Toronto Transit Commission: The second largest, and one of the most respected transit systems in N. America. Successfully used the complete spectrum of our ANC solutions (Off the shelf products; customized products as well as customized chips.)

  • Denver Transit Authority: Based on the success of our work with the TTC

  • Vancouver Skytrain

  • Zimbabwe Railways

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