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Automated Retail Delivery Systems Market

SmartSpeaker's expertise as a comprehensive audio solutions provider, combined with its proprietary Audiostat technology for automatic ambient (or background) noise compensation brings high quality audio to any multi-media kiosk application.

Interactive kiosks (sometimes referred to as Automated Retail Delivery Systems) are very rapidly becoming commonplace. Many of these kiosks are being designed from the start, or are now being upgraded, to deliver full motion video and audio interfaces. Users of these relatively new retail delivery systems are demanding not only very high quality video, but also an equally good audio experience. Often, it is the audibility and intelligibility of the user interface which determines the success or failure of a kiosk application. SmartSpeaker's Audiostat - the audio thermostat - is ideally suited to solve this problem. It will ensure that what the kiosk user is listening to is always intelligible, never too loud. And it does this is real time, automatically and seamlessly.


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